Founders of the American Trinity Project

We are committed to thoughtful and respectful civic engagement with those individuals who wish to replace Liberty with equality, God with secularism, From Many One with multiculturalism, or limited government with a progressive (more centralized) government not constrained by the Constitution.

Dan Messina

A compassionate American patriot & Gospel loving Catholic who is troubled about the trajectory of our nation. He is a self-taught student of history in the areas of World Wars I & II, colonial America, America's founding, pre & post World War I America. Also, he has a master of science in mathematics and has done independent study in physics and self-taught in C, C++ & C# programming languages. In addition, he is a tutor, a teacher, & chess player. He develops mathematical models and software as his day job but one of his other passions is to instruct curious minds about our great Republic. 

You can contact him directly at

Khalid Namar

Is co-host of the Todd Allyn show on WFCB Radio. They do a one hour weekly show. Stream it live or listen to past episodes. Khalid studied finance, world affairs and politics for over twenty years. has traveled to Ireland, UK, Belgium as a business consultant. He has advised on commercial real estate, financing and commodities transactions. Is a proud American whose favorite president is Ulysses S. Grant. He has also appeared on the Glen Beck Show. You can reach him at