To articulate the values of the American Trinity of Liberty, In God We Trust, E Pluribus Unum & our binding Constitutional principles for the purposes of reinforcing these fundamental concepts with the average citizen.

American Trinity Project's Mission

American Trinity Project wishes to earn the hearts & minds of the average citizen who don't understand or are hostile to their unalienable rights of Life, Liberty, & pursuit of Happiness via civic engagement in small venues. We desire to challenge & be challenged by those skeptical of American values or Constitutional principles. For instance, we demonstrate that the Constitution is just as relevant today as the day it was drafted in 1787. We seek to have a deeper & more open conversation on how we became the most prosperous, generous & freest nation in history.


The American Trinity Project wants to demonstrate that the principles of Liberty, In God We Trust, E Pluribus Unum, and our Constitution is the best way to preserve the rights of the individual & ultimately is best for a decent and prosperous society.


American Trinity Project envisions an engaged & educated citizenry whereby the individual can flourish, thrive & forge a happy & virtuous life. Thus, we endeavor to engage the hearts & minds of people who desire to understand their unalienable rights to Life, Liberty, Property & pursuit of Happiness via civic engagement & education.

Mission Statement

Our Vision


Our Commitment


We are committed to thoughtful and respectful civic engagement with those persons who wish to replace Liberty with equality, God with secularism, From Many One with multiculturalism, or limited self-government with a progressive, more centralized government not constrained by the Constitution.

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Engagement happens in many places & in many different ways.

Places of engagement

  • Colleges/Universities

  • High schools & Home schools

  • Talk Radio

  • Bookstores

  • Public Forums

  • Townhalls

  • Churches & Synagogues​

  • Festivals & Street Fairs