Our Projects 

Below is a list of the projects we are currently working on. We are looking to add more in the future.

The Civic Engagement Project

Civic engagement is the bedrock of what the American Trinity Project is dedicated to doing. We believe in personal head to head exchanges in order to educate, inform, & thoughtfully discuss the American values of Liberty, In God We Trust, & E Pluribus Unum (from many one). Discussions focus on our history, our founding, and America's guiding philosophy of governance. Every generation must learn its history, customs, & philosophy in order to preserve them. When these things are unattended then the ideas & traditions erode until they become derided by the culture which in turn fuels contempt. People want to know why they are here & what preceded them. The Civic Engagement Project addresses these deeper curiosities of history & heritage as well.

The Radio Outreach Project

American Trinity Project's co-founder Khalid Namar is spearheading this project. He co-hosts the Todd Allyn Show on WFCB radio network. This entertaining internet radio show talks about politics, culture, race, class, free enterprise & occasionally sports. They will also conduct interviews with authors, professors, pundits, political officials, and celebrities. They are not shy about mixing up a bit. Catch their hour-long show on WFCB radio. New shows are produced every Thursday.

The Classroom Outreach Project

Currently a project in the works. The project is looking to educate young adults & college students on Constitutional principles, American history & free market economics all done in a classroom setting.

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