What is the American Trinity?

The American Trinity was first coined by nationally syndicated radio talk show host and best selling author Dennis Prager. Not to be confused with the Christian Trinity, it refers to the three core American values of Liberty, In God We Trust, & E Pluribus Unum. This trinity of principles can be found on every U. S. coin. All three values are necessary components that have synergistically made the United States of America not only the most prosperous nation but also the most tolerant and compassionate society in history. It has served as a beacon for immigrants suffering under despotic and hostile tyrannical regimes to live a life free from the confines of servitude to corrupt masters. In short, America provides an unencumbered prosperity for those seeking their dreams.


Liberty is the individual exertion of free will & to be free from coercion by another but constrained by virtue. Thus Liberty = Freedom + Morality. The ends of government are to protect the individual's right to exert their will within a moral framework. So the role of government is to protect the people's right to Life, Liberty, the pursuit of Happiness. When one is forced to act against their will, then liberty is lost regardless if it is perpetrated by a government of one, a few, or many.

In God We Trust

Self-government is necessary for a free society. When people can't manage their own affairs then the government will manage it for them. Religion teaches
virtue which is the bedrock
of self-governance. Belief in a
higher power makes people accountable to that power. Without virtue, there is no responsibility which makes
self-government impossible. When people don't place their faith in God then they place their faith elsewhere. When government gets larger then our individual liberties become smaller. 

E Pluribus Unum

The Latin translation is
"from many one." We mostly come from somewhere else. So we are Americans first & anything else second. Regardless of our race, class, gender, ethnicity, bloodline or ancestry we are first & foremost dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal & endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights. Thus a just society renders judgment based on behavior & NOT race, class, or gender.